Saturday, September 18, 2021

Spooky Amber Bottles

Photography, post, and YouTube video by Rain San Martin

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride of Disneyland and the adjoining swamp themed restaurant The Blue Bayou were the inspiration behind my Spooky Amber Bottles.  When staged with a rustic fishnet, wooden treasure chest, lanterns, and a pirate skull with hat (bought from Disneyworlds Pirates of the Caribbean store). You have not only the perfect mantle, table, or porch decor for a spooky swampy Summerween, you have a core spooky scene that can easily be adapted for Halloween! Now lets dive into this fun DIY.  
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Paint brush.  Mine was 1 inch wide.

Glass bottles.  I soaked and scrubbed off the wrappers from a couple of rum bottles. Then used a nicely embossed local honey container.

Modge Podge.  Matte finish.

Food coloring.  Betty Crocker Classic Gel Food Colors.

Empty can. An empty coconut cream can works great for this purpose. Remove the wrapper for an aesthetically pleasing container. This also works great for retouching paint around the home. 

Stirring utensil.  A silver butter knife worked just fine. This I washed afterwords. 

Wax paper.  To protect work surface when painting. Also for cooking the bottles. 

Large cooking tray. A 9 x 12 glass dish was used for this purpose, which was covered in wax paper.



Step 1: Set out a protected work surface covered by wax paper. I covered a metal tray with a couple of sheets. The Modge Podge paint mixture is gooey and can create quite a mess. 


Step 2: Mix 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle of Mod-Podge with equal parts red and green food coloring gel. Add a few drops of yellow to warm the base. I did not have any yellow food coloring gel left, so I added in yellow acrylic paint to the mix, which worked just fine. 

Step 3: Using a 1 inch brush I painted a coat using upward and downward strokes, turning the bottle by pressing my fingers against the inner rim of the glass. The paint will drip down onto the wax paper. 

Step 4: Pre-heat the oven to 250. Place fresh wax paper on the inside of a large cooking tray. Mine was a 9 x 12. Set the bottles right side up inside the tray.  Move bottles via the inner glass of rim. Do not touch outside. Cook for 3 hours. Checking occasionally for safety sake. 

Step 5: Carefully remove from oven and allow to cool overnight. This is when the magic happens! On first glance these appear muddy, yet the glass bottle will appear surprisingly congealed and amber after cooling overnight. The above steps may be repeated the following day for more opaque results.  

You can also view this tutorial on my YouTube channel. Also you can support my work via Buy Me a Coffee. May you have fun making this spooky DIY!


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