Friday, May 28, 2021

Gothic Spring - Summer Wreath - DIY

Post, Photography, and YouTube video by Rain San Martin 

Gothic Wedding Inspired

Have you ever wondered how one decorates for a Gothic spring or summer? In recent years there has been a rise in Gothic or Halloween themed weddings. The aesthetic works not only for autumn, yet for spring and summer, as enchanted garden themes are woven into the decor. 

Mysterious, elegant, whimsical, and romantic styling is paired with generous amounts of rustic floral embellishments. This aesthetic need not only be for a once in a lifetime wedding, it can be adapted for everyday style. 

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During the winter I take a break from Gothic themes in our home decor, transforming our "enchanted cottage" into a rustic winter lodge theme. This breaks up the seasons, allowing me to have fun diving back into romantic Gothic style the following year. February is a transitional month. A romantic Gothic or Valoween mantel begins the process of reintroducing black ravens and whimsical flowers. By march 1st it's time for Gothic Spring. I set out multiple small flower cuttings from our natural surrounding. Spooky fabric which hangs over our vintage gilded mirror is topped with a black rose. A faux birds nest is paired with natural ones, including small bird sculptures. This creates an enchanted garden effect. Your Gothic Spring - Summer wreath will work as part of this theme.

Faux flowers and greenery 

Today it's easier to think outside of the box when putting together a gothic color scheme. No longer do you have to exclusively use the color black, or pair with deep red, purple, or grey. Adapting it for spring may start with black or gray paired with 2-3 colors of your choice. Greens will most likely be part of this display. The mix of faux flowers were selected from Michaels the previous spring / summer. These could be mixed in with gothic flowers from the fall if desired. My color palate for the wreath is orange, red, green, and black.  

Tools / Materials

*Wire wreath form.

*Faux flowers. You'll need a lot!

*Floral wire. 

*Wire cutters. 

*Optional black spray paint. 

Step 1

Cut faux flowers into individual pieces. Group into bunches of 3 or 4. Secure with wire at base (about 6 inches). Some bunches may have variety while others repeat. 

Step 2

Cut floral wire one foot in length for each bundle.

Step 3 

Lay out bundles facing in one direction around the perimeter of wire wreath form to visualize the layout. 


Step 4

Begin making your wreath. Wrap wire around each bundle until secure. 

Note: The size of your wire form will determine how many flowers you will need. Larger sized wreaths may require a surprising amount of foliage unlike a form made from twigs, which requires far less coverage. Once I completed my wreath for the first time, I realized it was still sparse. Thankfully I had extra faux flowers on hand originally intended for a centerpiece arrangement. 

Add in flowers to sparse areas as needed.  Take your time. Come back to your wreath and tighten pieces as necessary. 

Enjoy your romantic wreath!

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