Tuesday, December 15, 2020

My Evening Routine - Fall-Winter 2020

Post, YouTube Audio Podcast, and Photo (self-portrait taken at Lindenwood Nature Preserve in Fort Wayne) by Rain San Martin
A productive Evening Routine involves a series of healthy rituals. Including habits that aid in simplicity of life, long term goals, fitness, preparation for the following morning, and peaceful relaxation. Though your evening routine may be far shorter than mine, I've included daily rituals from the late afternoon through bed-time.

4:00PM: Desk Work

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I check email, do paperwork, process bills, and do anything clerical related. Whether it's ordering gifts online or filling out a form. Considering these are my least favorite work activities, I find sticking to three set days per week greatly simplifies my life and minimizes stress.

5:00PM:  Passion Project Hour

Homemaking comes first! Yet I have ALWAYS fit in time for my Passion Projects (aka Creative Business Projects). This is the spice of my life. Which adds fuel to my homemaking motivation. The key here is that these projects are optional. During my evening session I do video editing for my YouTube channel, a companion to this blog site, related photography (which may also be posted on Instagram), or misc. passion project tasks.  Clearing out blocks of creative focus time helps to make progress on lifetime goals.  I aim to fit in 2-3 hours per day for this, 5-6 days per week. As the winter months progress, I often switch this evening time block with my Power-Walk block so that I can view the dusk and twilight. 
My first and most important Passion Project Hour is in the morning when I do my blog writing.  When time allows, I work on composing and recording music in the afternoon. My most recent album, Cemetery Closing Time, was creating during brief 1 hour time blocks, two to three days per week, over the course of multiple years. Please note, I am extremely careful of how I spend my time. I keep my schedule as clear as possible to allow for the most important routines and rituals in my life.  Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!

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6:00PM: Small evening meal, evening power-walk, (work out with weights M/W/F), final straightening. 
Sitting on the front porch, I warm up with a small cup of home-made chili. Taking in the painted dusk-sky, in shades of gray. Melodious chimes in varied sizes and materials play atmospheric tones from house to house.  The evening power-walk is one of my most anticipated rituals, which I do on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I grab my winter jacket, fluffy hat, scarf, and gloves. Then head out the door for my little adventure. All feels possible during the walk. I search for wintry holiday lights, which add wonderment during the darker months. My favorite decorations during this time of year are the eerie flickering (electric) candles placed in windows. According to legend, it is an old-fashioned tradition, from the old world. During colonial times, before the era of hotels, the candle was lite as a signal of hospitality to those passing through the town. Informing travelers that a safe room was available to stay in. 
7:30PM Prep for Bed.

This includes shower and healthy grooming rituals. Clothes are set out for the following day. And yes, this a wise FlyLady ritual! The days main events are written on the mini-chalk board after reviewing the calendar. My favorite calendar for years has been John Sloane's Country Seasons, which is filled with paintings of quaint life during the 1800s.

8:30PM Read in Bed

Another joy of my daily routine. I have a stack of books which I rotate through each evening. A couple of them include: Houdini!!!, The Career of Ehrich Weiss, and Lightning Man, The Accursed Life of Samuel F.B. Morse, both written by Kenneth Silverman.  I should also mention a couple of books that I've been tremendously enjoying during my breakfasts and lunches: In The Victorian Style by Randolph Delehanty and Richard Sexton, and Winter Living by Selina Lake. My goal is to have lights out by 9:30pm. 

May you enjoy creating an evening routine of your own! Note, you may also enjoy my YouTube Audio Podcast on this topic.



  1. I very much enjoyed this and have over the last year realized that my schedule has been much too full to allow for consistent routines and rituals. You've inspired me to continue in my pursuit of simplicity.

  2. Thank you for coming by Mountain Housewife!


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