Monday, June 1, 2020

Advantages of a Neo-Victorian Lifestyle

Post and Video by Rain San Martin, Photo by Sage San Martin

A Neo-Victorian Lifestyle is a combination of Victorian or Edwardian aesthetics, customs, and vintage habits merged with select modern characteristics. The Victorian era was during the time of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Edwardian Era (King Edward) being during (1901-1910). Historians have also extended this era to the start of the first World War (1901-1914). Some of these movements include Victorian Goth, Classic Victorian 1800s (with a few modern adaptations), Steampunk, Old West or Steampunk Goth. 

This "New" Victorian Lifestyle is a modern era niche aesthetic and lifestyle. Customs, fashion, and old world home decor are just a few ways people incorporate the Neo-Victorian Lifestyle.  A love for classic 19th century literature, history, and Gothic Revival or Neo-Classical Architecture is usually present.

It is up to the individual to determine how much or how little modern customs and technology one allows into their everyday life. Freedom is expressed through the artistic lens of the individual. Makeup, dress, and clothing need not be historically accurate. We can incorporate elements of fiction or fantasy. I am traditional in many ways. Yet, I can practically imagine myself living there as an unconventional Bohemian soul. Each era has it eccentrics.

I myself have a flowy Bohemian Vintage Gothic Style for home or running errands. Similar in some ways, to a more relaxed version of Stevie Nicks. Old West Style is also woven in on alternate days.  For dates or more dressy occasions I wear a Neo-Victorian Gothic ensemble.  Find what works for you.

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Here are a few items we have in our home that are perfect for the Neo-Victorian Lifestyle:

The book I referred to in the video:  
In the Arts & Crafts Style

Have a fun week!

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  1. You know I think I've seen most of your videos and I have never seen your library or reading space! You always talk about unplugging and reading and I wonder if you have a cute library. Maybe if you did a vlog on your library and what books you have might be fun. Thanks for continuing your work on online. I am a homeschool mom of two and always look forward to your content.

    1. Most of my books are checked out from the library. The few books we do have are discretely placed in closet shelves or storage bins. Thanks for your suggestion!


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